Information for Freshmen

Welcome to the Theological Faculty

Welcome to the Theological Faculty
The Theological Faculty of Göttingen offers a large variety of courses to give you a proper start into your studies. Having approximately 400 students enrolled at our faculty, it is rather small, while providing an appropriate staff number, which supplies a vast variety of courses and secures individual supervision.

Göttingen’s faculty also has a long tradition and has been keeping up its excellent reputation in scientific theology ever since it was founded about 270 years ago.


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Start of studies
An orientation week with introductory courses welcomes all freshmen the week before the winter term starts. Language teachers announce their classes and study advisors provide information on the arrangement of the course of studies, the individual classes and the different types of exams. The dates concerning this week will published on our homepage in time. For further information please contact study advisor Dr. Frank Schleritt .

All freshmen who start in the summer term will receive all necessary information at an orientation meeting on their first day at our faculty.