Informations for new employees

For employees, we set up the workstation computers ein.

The registration takes place with a user account provided by the GWDG. This is created automatically after receipt of the employment contract, through the entry in SAP.

You will receive the password for this account from your secretary's office. If this is not the case, we can issue the password to you on site upon presentation of a valid (employee) ID. The same applies if you forget the password. The password must then be changed here immediately. Log in and navigate to "MY ACCOUNT" Or change it here, in the left column, under "Change Password “

You have a personal drive available to which only you have access. Your data is thus stored centrally in the network and you can access this stored data from any computer in the GÖNET. The drive should be connected automatically when you log in. If not, it can be added manually. Information about mounting can be found here.

As a rule, there is a shared drive for each institute on which data can be stored together. You get access to this via an authorization group. We will set up access for you if your secretary/supervisor instructs us by e-mail to set up this access. Content of the mail: For which user? Which drive / folder The drive should be connected automatically when you log in. If not, it can be added manually. Information about mounting can be found here.

Access to the network printers of your institute is also granted by the authorization group with which you are also activated for the drive. The printers appear automatically after activation. If this is not the case, you can integrate them manually..

The issuance of a user certificate is strongly recommended for every employee. Sign up for it at

New to the University: General information for new employees of the university:
Website Login What for?
Intranet Username and your initial password

Here you will find all the necessary information about the departmental structures, services and the Central Administration Form Center.

UniVZ Username and your initial password

Is a central information system of the University of Göttingen. It bundles the data of persons, events, facilities, rooms, dates and modules. The system will be replaced by HISinONE EXA in the summer semester of 2022.

GCMS/GCMS-Hilfe Zugriff bei Department of public relations beantragen

Göttingen Content Management System. Adaptation of the web presence of institutes based on the corporate design of the university.

Documentation of the GWDG keine

Instructions for the services of the GWDG

E-Mail Webprogram (OWA) GWDG\Username and your initial password

You can access your mailbox externally via the OWA web interface. To do this, simply call up the following in a web browser auf.

OwnCloud Your e-mail address and your initial password. You can find more information about registration hier

All employees automatically have access to OwnCloud with their account. The servers are located in Göttingen and are a replacement for Dropbox. Files and folders in OwnCloud can be shared with internal and external users. Access is possible both via the Webinterface, as well as a installierte Client-Anwendung possible. The installation on hardware supported by us, can be done by you via our Softwarekiosk take place

WLAN / Eduroam

our e-mail address and your initial password (Applies only to employees! You will find further information in the manual of GWDG)

With Eduroam, registered users can get user-friendly access to the scientific network both at their own institution and at other scientific institutions worldwide without additional registration. Employees at the University of Göttingen can connect their mobile devices (laptops, cell phones, ...) to the Eduroam network.

Eduroam CAT -

Eduroam should be set up urgently using the CAT tool.

Unsere Hotline
Telefon: (0551) 39-21600

Herr Bohnet
Herr Rudolph