Information for students


Scope of Student Account: The student account can be used at all studIT terminals, in eduroam (WLAN of the university), in the wired notebook network and in the LRC. The use is free of charge, the account will be deleted upon exmatriculation. Students of economics and social sciences can also log in to the WiSo computer center with the student account.

First activation of the account: Before using your student account for the first time, you must have it activated at the chip card office (see below for location and opening hours). Activation at the WiSo computer center is not possible!

Log in and use at the WiSo data center: With the keys Ctrl-Alt-Del you get to the login dialog. Please use the username and password of your student account. The login domain is UG-STUDENT\.

Change of the password: Your password can be changed via the self-service functions: On the following link: Log in with the student data and select "Change password". If you forgot your password, you can have a new password created at the chip card office at StudIT in the glass box located in the ZHG (chip card office).

More information / help: Advice and help on using the student account is available at the chip card office as well as at the service desk of the WiSo computer center:

Chip card office (StudIT): ZHG, between lecture halls 010 and 011 Opening hours: MO - FR from 10:00 - 17:00 h

To log in, you need a user name and password. With the key combination 'Ctrl' + 'Alt' + 'Entf' you will get to the login dialog. Both students and employees can log on to our computers / remote servers.

For students, the registration looks like this:
User name: ug-student\first name.last name
Password: your password

For employees the registration looks like this:
User name: gwdg\username
Password: your password

Reference: The registration is not done with the e-mail address.
How to change your password: Change your password via the SB function at
Log out: Under 'Start' - 'Log Off' to make the PC available for others.

If you forgot your password, which you use to log in to StudIP / Ug-Student, please contact the StudIT staff in the glass box of the ZHG. There you can apply for a password reset. The CIP pool staff has no power to reset your password.

  • All users contribute to the trouble-free, responsible use of the equipment and resources and avoid interfering with the work of others.
  • Noise levels must be kept to a minimum.
  • Please mute your cell phone in the PC pools.
  • Only take out printouts that you have sent to the printer yourself.
  • When leaving the computer, please don't forget to remove your garbage, documents, USB sticks, etc.
  • Please put back additionally needed chairs after use.
  • Staff of the PC-Pool has domiciliary rights. Their instructions must be followed.
  • In case of problems, our user instructions will also help, because: "You can't know everything, but you don't need to ask everything."

To set up Eduroam, we recommend using the configuration wizard (CAT tool) and not the automatisms of your device. The CAT tool is provided by the GÉANT Association, of which DFN-Verein is a member. It is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS and Android.

The instructions for installing eduroam can be found here.

It is possible to use some PCs as an external monitor via HDMI cable. There are several PCs with HDMI connection on the 5th and 7th floor of the CIP pool.

The HDMI switch is located on the right side of the bottom of the PC (see image).


The laptop workstation is located on the 7th floor of the CIP pool near the windows. The USB docking station allows you to conveniently connect your laptop to the screen as well as the keyboard and mouse.

A one-time installation is required before first use: Install the necessary driver software for your laptop before connecting the USB cable: You can find the driver on this website.
After the driver installation connect the provided USB cable to your laptop (preferably via USB 3.0). The docking station is now set up.

How to use:
With the key combination "Windows + P" you can now choose between the different display options.


Note: You may need to restart your laptop afterwards and disconnect and reconnect the USB cable from your laptop

All CIP pool computers have an integrated webcam that can be used. The webcam is hidden at first because it is a pop-up camera.

To extend or activate the camera, simply press once on the camera placed in the center of the screen (see image).

To test the webcam, you can try it out in your respective app, or open this website to do so.



To ensure that a quiet atmosphere is maintained in the CIP pool rooms, it is intended that the PCs will not have audio output through the internal speakers.

However, if you want to output audio, you need to connect your own headphones with a 3.5 mm jack to the computer. The jack input is located on the left side of the PCs.

If you want to use Bluetooth headphones, you will need your own USB Bluetooth stick. Simply plug the Bluetooth stick into a USB input. Windows will automatically detect the stick and install the necessary drivers. After the automatic installation, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones wirelessly.

User quote: Each user has 10 GB of storage space available in their StudIT profile. It is possible to exceed the limits, but this can lead to serious errors (logging in may no longer be possible).
We therefore strongly recommend that you adhere to the memory limit.

Data recovery: StudIT regularly backs up all profile data of the student accounts. If you need a previous version of a file for a specific reason or if you want to restore a deleted file. Please contact StudIT to do so.
Write an e-mail to "" and specify your file request (if possible with exact file name and date and time).

If you want to print with the PCs in the CIP pool, you generally can choose between two options:

Printing via CIP pool printer (WiSo-MZG-X.Etage):
There is a CIP pool printer on each floor (5th, 6th and 7th floor) which can be used for printing. This printer is normally selected as the default printer under Windows. However, since this is not always guaranteed, it may happen that you have to select the printer manually.
The printer is called WiSo-MZG-X.Etage.
Advantage: No queue

Alternative (printing with the Follow Me printer):
On the 7th floor of the CIP pool, there is additionally a Follow-Me printer

  • Follow-Me (for black and white printing)
  • Follow-Me-Farbe (for color printing)
  • Follow-Me-A3 (for A3 printouts)

Benefit: If print jobs are sent to Follow-Me printers, you can print your print job at any Follow-Me printer on campus. You can find all locations here.
Disadvantage: there may be waiting times due to the queue


General information about printing:
Printing costs
Current printing costs of the university can be found on the following link.

Limited number of sheets printed per print job
In the interest of users, the number of pages that can be printed per print job has been reduced to 50 sheets. If documents with more than 50 pages are to be printed, the print job must be divided accordingly, i.e. for a 60-page document you must first print page 1-30 and then page 31-60.

Current amount of the credit

Your print credit will automatically appear on your desktop after you log in to a University computer.

"Double/multipage printing" at the printers of the 5th, 6th and 7th floor

If more than one page per sheet is to be printed, this can only be done on the print setting of the corresponding program (MS Word, Adobe Reader,...). To do this, click on "Print" or Ctrl + P to print the printer and you will then get the following window:

Druckscreen 1.0

(Print setting in Adobe Reader)

Here you can now set the desired options.

To print multiple pages per sheet, click on "Multiple" (1) and then select the number of pages (2, 4, 6, 8...) in the "Page per sheet" (2). If you select "Custom", you can manually enter the number and order of pages (2x2, 3x2, 2x3,...). The order of the pages in case of 2 (or more) pages per sheet can be changed via "Page order" (3).

To change the paper orientation (portrait / landscape), simply select the desired format under the "Orientation" item (5). Make sure that a portrait format document is also printed in portrait format in multi-page printing - the same applies to landscape format documents. Failure to observe page compatibility can increase the printout time tenfold!

If you want to print on both sides, click on "Print on both sides of paper" (4) and then select the mirroring option.

Note: It is not possible to change the Windows display language. Only the keyboard language or layout can be changed on our PCs.

1. Search for "Einstellungen" in the Windows search bar and open the "Einstellungen" App.


2. Click on "Zeit und Sprache".


3. Click on "Sprache".


4. Click on "Sprache hinzufügen".


5. Search for your desired language you wish to be added (in this case it is English)


6. Check "Sprachpaket installieren" and click on "Installieren".

6Sprachpaket installieren

7. Now, at the bottom right of the taskbar, the keyboard language can be changed with a mouse click. This is also possible with the Windows shortcut ALT + SHIFT.


It may sometimes happen that when starting the computer not all programs are displayed (listed) correctly in the start menu or search. To solve this problem as soon as possible, please do the following:

Open the Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting it (or pressing "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "Del"). Press "More details". At the very bottom of the "Processes" tab, look for the "Windows Explorer" task. Right-click on it and restart it.

Now all programs should be displayed again at the bottom of the Start menu.

The personal drive P:\ is available at each workstation for storing the data.


If you have problems accessing the drives or the printers, please report to the counter (7th floor).

Drive P:\ is available to all users for storing all files. The profile directory of each user is located on the P:\_STUDsys drive. The files that are stored on the desktop are also located in this directory structure.

Note: The drive U:\ (Jeder) can be used by anyone for temporary storage. The drive is not backed up. Everyone has full access and everyone can delete.


To merge PDF documents, the "PDF-XChange Editor" app can be used in the PC Pools. Multiple PDF files can be merged into a single PDF file as follows:

Step 1: Open PDF-XChange Editor.

Step 2: PDF - merge documents by creating a new document ("Dateien zusammenfassen" = "merge Documents").

PDF Change 3

Step 3: Select the files or directory you want to merge.

PDF Change 2

In case of login problems, please check the input of your user name first. This must always be entered in combination with the domain for logging in to the remote desktop:

UG-STUDENT\YourUserName or GWDG\YourUserName

  • Correct domain specified during login? "ug-student\username"
  • VPN address changed to that of the University of Göttingen? Link to the GWDG
  • Read instructions on our website to connect? Windows and Mac
  • If all this didn't help and you still get error messages, please contact our team!
  • If you can't find your files in one of the remote apps, you should familiarize yourself with the folder structure on the server and check the locations once in the file explorer.
    The file explorer gives you access to the files you would see when you log on to a PC at the university.

    The connection with the remote app is established like with any other remote app.
    The explorer window then looks something like this:

    1. Are the network drives that are also available to students on the PCs in the CIP pool.
    2. Is the C: drive of the local computer with which the students access the remote apps. Students will also find their local data there.

    Alternatively, they can open the file explorer app and copy a file from the local computer into one of the folders. Copy local file to your own computer:
    (To do this, right-click on the file and select copy)

    Paste in the desired folder in the Explorer remote app:


    To access your local folders in the remote desktop apps, you need to follow these steps:


    1. Click on "Preferences".


    2. Under "General", you can now select a folder (see red marking), from which you also want to access from the server.


    You cannot install commands on Stata yourself. Please contact support so they can install the command you need:Unfortunately, you cannot install commands in Stata yourself, because you do not have the necessary access rights. Just contact the support, they will be happy to help you and install the desired command for you at this email:

    STATACANNOTWRITEINDIRECTORY Example of the error message.

    If you reach limits in performing your Stata calculations due to the limited computing power of the CIP pool computers, the support of the "WiSo Rechenzentrum" is at your disposal. We can provide you with powerful (server) computers with a higher performance, which will allow you to perform complex Stata calculations. Please send us an e-mail for this purpose:

    Under the tab "Packages" (see Figure 3) you will find a list of existing packages that you can use. However, if packages are missing, you cannot install any packages in R or RStudio yourself, because you do not have the necessary access rights.

    Just contact support, they will be happy to help you and install the desired command for you at this email:




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