International German Alumni Summer School Thailand 16 - 24 March

16 - 24 March 2014

Host & Venue: Faculty of Agriculture, Chiang Mai University, Thailand; Co-partner Prof. Suchada Vearasilp Agriculture Faculty

Application by Prof. Elke Paweltzik, Georg August University Goettingen, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Food Quality

Excursion to the Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Centre

The main topics of the summer school were:

  • Food and nutrition security of indigenous tribes in the face of biodiversity degradation
  • Threats to biodiversity and indigenous traditions due to the over exploitation of natural re-sources
  • Local knowledge, nature conservation and traditional agricultural practices for food security
  • Ecosystem services and local livelihoods
  • Water-management systems and their change to ensure livelihood and food security
  • Conservation strategy and management of National Parks in Thailand
  • How to achieve the objectives of Millennium Developing Goals: Chances and constraints?

Field excursion to the Huai Hong Khrai Royal Development Study Centre, Doi Saket, Chiangmai North Thailand and visit to a local hill tribe Karen village at Ban Pha Dan, Lamphun province

Karen tribe collection of weather ants larvae in the forest

Participants: 27
Alumni from Thailand, Philippines, Nepal, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Vietnam

Keynote speakers from Thailand, Germany, Chile, and Hong Kong