International Workshop on Regulatory Impact Assessment

International Workshop on Impact Assessment

Federal Environment Agency

1.1.2008 - 31.1.2009

Brief summary
In 2003, the European Union committed itself to conducting an impact assessment on all draft laws. This strategy is made up of an integrated approach taking all economic, ecological and social consequences into account.
However, the most recent evaluations on EU impact assessment have revealed that in many impact assessments of the EU, especially little attention is paid to environmental concerns with correspondingly few analyses. Consequentially, environmental impact is hardly considered within the EU’s legislative decision making processes. The reasons can be found i.e. in the difficulty to quantatively detect environmental impact with the available measuring methods, often, impact assessments are realised too late for complex environmental effects to be effectively estimated.
The project aims at organising an international workshop on impact assessment. Participants and speakers are to come from the international research and practitioners' field as well as from the EU commission and the Federal administration. The workshop is to be prepared by a white paper, in which the existing level of knowledge and possible approaches to remaining problem situations are described.

Co-operation partners
sofia - Society for Institutional Analysis

Federal Environment Agency
sofia - Society for Institutional Analysis

Prof. Dr. Kilian Bizer
Dipl.-Volksw. Sebastian Lechner