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International Office

The University of Göttingen is highly reputed throughout the world of academia and research. It maintains research cooperations with institutions of higher education in ninety countries, is engaged in various networks fostering international mobility and provides more than fifty English-language Master and Ph.D. programmes.

In close cooperation with its non-university partners at the Göttingen Campus, the university promotes internationalization in the fields of research, teaching and administration. The long term pursuit of these objectives is carried out by the university’s liaison offices in China and India, the International Office and its Welcome Centre, organizations established as part of the institutional strategy with funds from the first programme phase of the Excellence Initiative.

Active partnerships and cooperations strongly connect the University of Göttingen with institutions of higher education in China and India. These include the university’s liaison office in China, located on the campus of Nanjing University, the liaison office in India, located at the University of Pune, and the university’s close association with the German House for Research and Innovation in New Delhi. The liaison offices provide information on research and teaching at the University of Göttingen. They also support students and researchers in China, India and Göttingen in all matters concerning a stay abroad or establishing new cooperations.

The Welcome Centre is the university’s central service facility for internationally mobile academics. It assists and supports these scientists and their families in preparing for their stay in Göttingen and getting themselves established once they have arrived. The university’s International Office coordinates the implementation of the university’s internationalization strategy and the measures laid out in its institutional strategy. These include international marketing and a wide range of services and support for students and scientists from abroad.