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Be cautious when it comes to transfers of deposits

Unfortunately, there are people who try to profit through fraud from the difficult housing situation. For example, on the internet they offer apartments which do not even exist. Or they ask for a security deposit or a rental payment in advance before they send the keys. The keys, then, are never being sent and the money is gone.

The police recommends:

Only pay the deposit when

  • you have seen the accommodation
  • you have signed the rental contract
  • you receive the keys

In case you cannot go to a viewing of the accommodation yourself, you could ask a friend or acquaintance to check the offered place for you.

Please be extremely cautious if

  • you are asked to arrange a payment through Western Union or make another international transfer. This usually means that it is not possible to find those who receive the money.
  • the landlord offers to send the keys via mail. This is no common practice in Germany.
  • the landlord does not agree to arrange a viewing of the accommodation.

If you have fallen victim to fraud, please contact the police!