Lisa Wilms - PhD Student


  • Animal friendly and sustainable livestock farming
  • Sustainable grazing management
  • Animal (learning) behaviour


GreenGrass-Innovative use of grassland for the sustainable intensification of agriculture at the landscape scale

Short CV

seit 2022: Ph.D. student at the Department of Crop Science/Grassland Science, Georg-August-University Göttingen
Thema: Virtual Fencing und Virtual Herding for optimized Grazing

2021: License to practice Veterinary Medicine

2018-2021: Senior Dairy Farm Assistant on dairy- and beef farm in New Zealand

2012-2018: Studies of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Hanover


Hamidi D., Sieve F., Siede C., Wilms L., Zinken L., Kunz F., Kayser M., Hamidi M., Isselstein J., 2024. Solar grazing - spatial distribution of sheep in free-field-photovoltaik systems on grassland. Grassland Science in Europe 29, 452-454.

Wilms L., Hamidi D., Lüntzel C.H.U., Isselstein J., Waiblinger S., Egerbacher M., 2024. Introducing goats to virtual fencing. Grassland Science in Europe 29, 624-626.

Wilms, L., Komainda, M., Hamidi, D., Riesch, F., Horn, J., Isselstein, J., 2024. How do grazing cattle respond to virtual fences? A review. Journal of Animal Science

Hamidi, D., Grinnell, N., Komainda, M., Wilms, L., Riesch, F., Horn, J., Hamidi, M., Traulsen, I., Isselstein, J., 2024. Training cattle for virtual fencing – different approaches to determine learning success. Resubmitted after minor revision to Applied Animal Behaviour Science