Institute of Grassland Science

Institute of Grassland Science

Research focus

The research of our group is targeted on the analysis and development of efficient grassland systems. Our work at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences is integrated into activities of the Department of Crop Sciences, of the Centre of Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Use and of the Außenstelle Vechta of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. Key research expertise is in the field of

  • Biodiversity of managed grasslands
  • Vegetation/agricultural herbivore relationships in grasslands
  • Fluxes of major nutrients in grazed systems
  • Effectiveness of agri-environment schemes
  • Influences of climatic changes on grassland systems
  • Developing new grazing technology

  • Grassland Science Group in the media

  • Virtual Fencing on the radio at Deutschlandradio

  • First results with Virtual Fencing
  • Nofence Researcher Webinar

  • Documentation red deer in open landscapes
  • BR

  • Virtual Fencing, Project GreenGrass
  • 3Sat Nano

  • Multispecies Swards and Crops, Project Impac3
  • 3Sat Nano

  • database of national conference proceedings
  • GrassCOPS