Mémoires de passeurs, passeurs de mémoires. Lieux, temps et formes de la transmission et de l’oubli

The project brings together researchers from France, Denmark, USA, Czech Republic and Austria all approaching the aspects of collective memory (such as Shoah, colonialism and migration) from different disciplinary perspectives and with an interest in the process of transfer (French passeur), including their own role as researchers. The project is organised by way of four seminars in which following topics will be addressed: collective memory between dominance and emancipation; instrumentalisation and metamorphosis; urban space as place of memory; and methodological requirements and issues.


Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord (MSHPN)

Céline Barrère, Claire Lévy-Vroelant, Christoph Reinprecht

Maria-Pohn-Lauggas, Gabi Anderle