Empirical Methods and Skills (M.Sc.)

General information

This course deals with the principles, methods, and tools of empirical research and their application in the field of business administration. Students gain an overview of the most important empirical methods and their application and learn to critically reflect on these methods. The methodologically sound approach learned serves to analyze problem situations and is therefore central to both academic student work and professional life

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • understand the fundamental concepts of the philosophy of science,
  • describe the conduct of studies using methodological standard tools,
  • reproduce guidelines and best practices individual empirical methods,
  • make informed decisions about which empirical method(s) is (are) best suited for investigating a specific research question, and critically discuss their advantages and disadvantages,
  • apply selected data collection and analysis methods, interpret the results, present them clearly and comprehensibly, and defend their approach in scientific discussions.