Information Systems Research (M.Sc.)

Type of Course Seminar
Term Every summer term
Credits 12 ECTS
Module M.WIWI-WIN.0032
Courses of study Master of Science in Business Information Systems
Master of Science in Marketing and E-Business
Others upon request
Course language English
Examination Presentation, Term paper
Instructor Prof. Dr. Manuel Trenz

Announcements and important dates (summer term 2019):

Kick-off: 17 June 2019, 10 AM - 4 PM, OEC 1.134
Further dates: 28 August 2019, 9 AM - 5 PM, 2 December 2019 9 AM - 3 PM
Submission of the seminar paper: 28 November 2019

Course objectives and content:

This seminar deals with current issues in information systems research. Topics include digital strategy and business models, digital platforms, sharing economy, IT innovations, the impact of technologies on decisions, interactions and lives of individuals, and others. Based on their interests, students are assigned to a specific topic to explore.

The structure of the course is as follows:

1. Introduction to the principles of academic research and scientific writing

2. Examination of the topic and the research question - Investigation of the theoretical and methodological foundations - Structured analysis of the current state of research -  Problem solving - Analysis and structuring of the results - Reflection

3. Preparation of the term paper

4. Presentation and discussion of the results.

The aim of this seminar is to introduce students to scientific research and scientific writing in the field of information systems. After successful completion of this module, the students have gained in-depth insights into a specific topic in information systems research. Through the mixture of guided introduction and independent work on a clearly defined topic, students develop a basic understanding of the principles of empirical scientific work and acquire the ability to approach a research topic systematically and independently. Students can conduct a systematic review of the scientific literature and are able to develop and derive scientific solutions and findings on this foundation. They develop their skills in synthesizing, conducting, presenting, and reflecting on scientific research. In addition to promoting analytical thinking, this seminar will also facilitate the improvement of English writing, presentation and discussion skills.

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