Conference Programme:
Institutions and Institutionality in Late Antiquity

Göttingen, March 22–24, 2023
Venue: Conference Centre “Alte Mensa”, Wilhelmsplatz 3, 37073 Göttingen

14.00 Robert Edwards & Peter Gemeinhardt (Göttingen, Germany)
Opening and Introduction

14.30 Main Paper 1: Conrad Leyser (Oxford, UK)
How Institutions Remember

15.30 Main Paper 2: Peter Gemeinhardt (Göttingen, Germany)
Institutionalizing the Charisma? Early Christian Monasteries between Ascetic Practice and Organization

16.30 Coffee Break

17.00 Research Paper 1: Alexander Pierce (South Bend, USA)
On the Concilia Africae as the Principal “Institutional” Means of Ecclesial Unity in Africa Proconsularis

17.45 Research Paper 2: Mihai-D. Grigore (Mainz, Germany)
Primacy in the Pentarchy: The Influence of Dogmatic Debates and Conciliar Dynamics on Constantinople’s Rank Ascension (4th to 7th centuries)

18.30 Dinner (Catering)

19.30 Main Paper 3: Jens Scheiner (Göttingen, Germany)
The Early Islamic Caliphate as an Emerging Institution

08.30 Main Paper 4: Robert Edwards (Göttingen, Germany)
The Marks of Institutionality in Late Antique Christian Schools

09.30 Main Paper 5: Catherine Hezser (London, UK)
Did Rabbinic ‘Institutions’ Exist in Palestinian Judaism of Late Antiquity? A Reconsideration of the Terms ‘Institution’ and ‘Institutionalisation’

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Research Paper 3: Lennart Lehmhaus (Tübingen, Germany)
Competition and Collaboration: Rabbinic Cultures and Jewish Institutions of Knowledge Production

11.45 Research Paper 4: Jeremiah Coogan (Berkeley, USA)
Caesarean Philology: Distributed Cognition, Scholarly Apparatus, and Institutional Coherence

12.30 Lunch (Catering)

14.30 Main Paper 6: Christoph Markschies (Berlin, Germany)
The Dresden Concept of “Institution” and “Institutionalization” and its Usefulness for the Study of Ancient Christianity and the Christianization of Ancient Society

15.30 Coffee Break

16.30 Research Paper 5: Dorothee Schenk (Göttingen, Germany)
Institutions and Conflicts: How do they influence each other?

17.15 Research Paper 6: Becca Grose (York, UK)
A Burgundian Church or The Church behind Burgundian borders?

19.00 Conference Dinner (Restaurant)

08.30 Main Paper 7: Christian Hornung (Bonn, Germany)
Constructing the Clergy. Aspects of ecclesiastical institutionalization in late antique Christianity

09.30 Main Paper 8: Maria Doerfler (New Haven, USA)
The paterfamilias and the patriarchs: institutional deviance, innovation, and retrenchment in the late ancient family

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Research Paper 7: Mariana Bodnaruk (Budapest/Vienna)
Integrating State and Aristocracy: Senate, Consistorium, and Comitatus from Constantine I to Theodosius I

11.45 Research Paper 8: Lydia Schriemer (Ottawa, Canada)
The Bishops shall Oppose the Provincial Governor: The Relationship be-tween Roman Law and other Late Antique Institutions

12.30 Lunch (Catering)

13.30 Research Paper 9: Julia Wilm (Freiburg, Germany)
Patrimonium Sancti Petri: Ecclesiastical Institutionalisation in the Sixth Cen-tury

14.15 Final Discussion
15.00 The End

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