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Biology (M.Ed.)

Course description

In the area of developing specialised and didactical competencies (50 credits) in the subject of biology, the students’ knowledge and skills in the sub domains of anthropology, botany, zoology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, developmental biology, genetics, molecular biology, microbiology, neurobiology and behavioural biology, plant physiology, cytology and cell biology, acquired during the Bachelor's degree programme, are intensified and expanded.

The focus of the Master's degree is on the molecular life sciences and human physiology. In addition, the application of scientific methods and knowledge in classroom teaching of biology is comprehensively studied in didactics courses. Here, the planning and conduct of experiments in the classroom plays a special role.

Language proficiency

A solid knowledge of English is strongly recommended.

Additional qualifications

An additional qualification for bilingual teaching in the English language can also be acquired. English language skills up to the UniCert III level are a prerequisite for this additional qualification.