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Master of Education (Latin)

Name of the degree programme: Master of Education (Latin)
Degree: Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Regular period of study: four semesters
Start of course: winter semester only
Admission prerequisites: B.A. in Latin Philology or a closely related subject with a grade of 2.5 or better
Language requirements: proficiency certificates in Latin and Ancient Greek

Description of the degree programme:

The subject of Latin paves the way to the ancient Greek language and literature and their reception from the aspects of literary and cultural studies and related questions.
The programme of studies offers not only in-depth, subject-didactic literary and cultural instruction in Latin, but also didactic preparation in terms of linguistic, literary and cultural studies for teaching at secondary schools (grammar schools or integrated schools).
The objective of the Master’s degree programme in Latin Philology leading to a “Master of Education” (M.E.) degree is a scientific qualification for teaching Latin at secondary schools.

The subject in Göttingen, subject areas, research foci
In addition to classical literature in Greek and Latin, the Classical Philology Department in Göttingen lays a special research emphasis on literature in Imperial and Late Antique times as well as on the didactics of ancient languages.

Structure of the degree programme
Specialised studies comprise a total of 29 credits, which must be earned by attending the following scientifically and subject-didactically oriented modules:

  • M.Lat.11: Latin Literature (8 C)
  • M.Lat.12: Latin Language (6 C)
  • M.Lat.13: Intermediate Module Teaching Methodology Latin
  • M.Lat.14: Educational Practice in Latin (8 C) OR
  • M.Lat.15: Latin Research-Based Practical Training (8 C)

Fields of employment
Teaching for upper secondary level (Subject: Latin)