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Medical Care and Emergency Numbers

In Germany, there are numerous types of doctors from GPs (general practioners / Allgemeinmediziner) to specialists in all fields. Most people choose a GP as their family doctor. This doctor can refer you to a specialist if required. However, you can also consult a specialist directly if you wish (for example, eye specialists, gynecologists etc). A selection of addresses and telephone numbers can be found in the telephone book.

The general costs for doctors visits are usually covered by your health insurance.

Emergency Numbers and Services
Although we hope you'll never need them, below are the main numbers for emergencies.

  • Fire Department, Rescue Service: 112
  • Police, Emergency Calls, Traffic Accidents, Assault: 110

The numbers 110 and 112 can be dialled free of charge from any regular phone, payphone or mobile. It is even possible to dial the emergency numbers without the SIM card or without knowing the mobile´s PIN number. These numbers are valid for the emergency services through Germany.

Service for emergency cases
A service for emergency cases (Notdienstzentrale) is available in the evening and on weekend.
Notdienstzentrale Göttingen und Umgebung
Universitätsklinikum Göttingen,
Robert-Koch-Straße 40
Ebene 01, Tel. 0551 / 51 79 90

All hospitals, except for some private clinics, are open to all insured patients. In emergency cases, it is possible to go straight to the Accident and Emergency Department (Notfallambulanz) of the hospital at any time.
The following hospitals in Göttingen can cater for emergency admissions:

University Hospital (Klinikum)
Robert-Koch-Str. 40
37075 Göttingen

Evangelisches Krankenhaus Weende e.v.
An der Lutter 24
37083 Göttingen
Zentrale Notaufnahme

Pharmacies / Chemists
In Germany, medicines, including painkillers, can only be purchased at a pharmacy (Apotheke). Most medicines will require a prescription, although some (e.g. cold and flu remedies, painkillers, hayfever tablets) are available over the counter. There is at least one pharmacy open or on call both day and night (Notdienst). All pharmacies have a sign in their windows indicating which pharmacy has Notdienst on which date.

Further information regarding emergency services of dentists, pharmacies, etc.
Medical care and emergencies