MedLangCon2019: Minority languages in the Mediterranean (June 2019)

Minority languages in the Mediterranean

Grammatical aspects of language contact and language decline

Workshop organisers: Georg Höhn and Stavros Skopeteas

Support: Matthias Kracht, Florian Fischer, Maya Gálvez Wimmelmann, Antonio Masotti, Pauline Sander, Andrea Schröter


Programme (as of 11 June 2019)

Programme and abstracts (as of 11 June 2019)

Venue on Friday: Historische Sternwarte, Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Geismar Landstraße 11, 37083 Göttingen

Venue on Saturday: Georg August Universität Göttingen, Sprachwissenschaftliches Seminar, Käte-Hamburger-Weg 3, room 0.108

Overview map

Friday, 14 June 2019

9.00–9.20 Registration

9.20-9.30 Introduction

9.30-10.30 Marika Lekakou, University of Ioannina: Convergence in the absence of contact: the case of Griko and Greko

10.30–10.45 Break

10.45–11.15 Johannes Mücke, University of Graz: Infinitive reduction in Corfiot Italian: Language contact and language decline

11.15-11.45 Carolina Spiegel, University of Bremen: Contact-induced variation in spoken 21st century Judeo-Spanish in Izmir

11.45–12.15 Leonardo Maria Savoia & Benedetta Baldi, University of Florence: Inflection, gender class and animate sexed denotation in the Lucanian Arbëresh of Ginestra

12.15–13.45 Break

13.45–14.05 Georg F.K. Höhn, Georg-August-University Göttingen: Observations on quantifiers in Greko (and southern Calabrese)

14.05–14.35 Antonio Masotti & Pauline Sander, Georg-August-University Göttingen: Influences of language death and language contact - On the ordering of adjectives in today’s Calabrian Greek

14.35–15.05 Saverio Dalpedri & Astrid Rümper, Georg-August-University Göttingen: Indirect objects in Calabrian Greek: a fading encoding

15.05–15.20 Break

15.20–16.20 M. Olimpia Squillaci, Smithsonian Institution: Eliciting data from minority languages. Examples from Calabrian Greek

16.20–16.40 Break

16.40–17.10 Oliver Gerlach: Introduction into the Musical Traditions of il Sud within the Context of Subaltern Orthodoxy

17.10-18.15 Anna Stratigò & Maria De Filippo: Concert: The Musical Heritage of the Italo-Albanian community of Lungro

19.30 Dinner at Kartoffelhaus (Goetheallee 8)

Saturday, 15 June 2019

9.00–10.00 Evangelia Adamou, CNRS: Disentangling effects of language contact, bilingualism, and L1 attrition in the Balkan Sprachbund

10.00–10.15 Break

10.15–10.45 Anastasia Makarova & Olivier Winistörfer, University of Zürich: Interference phenomena in the languages of the Western regions of the Republic of North Macedonia

10.45–11.15 Laurentia Schreiber, University of Bamberg: Nominal inflection in Romeyka in the light of contact-induced change and language decline: Data from a heritage community in Germany

11.15–11.45 Stavros Skopeteas, Georg-August-University Göttingen: OV-VO in Caucasian Urum

11.45–13.15 Break

13.15–13.45 Gulshen Sakhatova, Georg-August-University Göttingen: On mood in Cypriot Turkish, Greek induced and non-turkic?

13.45–14.15 Spyros Armostis, Open University of Cyprus; Charalambos Christodoulou, Ministry of Education and Culture and Marilena Karyolemou, University of Cyprus: The VOT of Cypriot Arabic geminate occlusives: convergence towards Cypriot Greek phonology?

14.15–14.30 Break

14.30–15.30 Alexander Borg, Ben Gurion University of the Negev: The linguistic diachrony of a diaspora community: The case of Cypriot Arabic

15.30–16.45 Final discussion