What the Modules Are About

This page contains a brief description of the modules as well as links to the module directory. For more information, click on the module titles below; a detailed description of learning outcomes and the module layout will open in a new window. Each module is offered in each semester.

Module M.EP.12a Forms of Literary Reception requires students to participate in the block seminar and to then attend various events of the field of Anglophone literature and culture (e.g. a reading, a theatre or opera production in English).

Module M.EP.12b Literary Events gives students the opportunity to do an internship in a literary business (domestic or abroad) and to broaden their knowledge of the literature industry.

Module M.EP.12c Literary Museums and Literary Tourism also offers the possibility of doing an internship (domestic or abroad in the field of literary museums) getting to know the heritage industry. Note that this module is not on offer any longer - if you are interested in getting credits for an internship, please choose M.EP.12b instead, or contact Dr. Reitemeier for help.

Module M.EP.12d Forms of Literary Reception/s: Edinburgh Festivals allows students to get a deeper insight into Edinburgh's - and with it Scotland's - book festivals and literary scene. Taking part in the Department's annual Edinburgh Summer School, students will visit literary museums, take part in book festival readings and explore the literary culture of Edinburgh's capital.

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