In publica commoda


​The Public Relations Department uses monitors to advertise upcoming University events in Göttingen's city center and on campus.
Employees, academics and students of the University of Göttingen are welcome to use this advertising opportunity.

Examples of previous monitor advertising:
Monitorwerbung2   Monitorwerbung

  • Alte Mensa
  • Aula am Wilhelmsplatz
  • Abteilung Personalentwicklung
  • Forum Wissen
  • Hochschulsport
  • Neues Rathaus
  • Göttingen Touristeninformation
  • Café Esprit
  • SUB: Paulinerkirche (Foyer), Zentralbibliothek (Foyer, Digital Creative Space, Lesesaal), Bereichsbibliothek Physik, Bereichsbibliothek Kulturwissenschaften
  • Café Physik
  • ZHG (gegenüber Café Campus und neben der Kartenstelle)
  • The monitor advertising is only played on the monitors at the corresponding event location. For example, the advertisement for an event in the ZHG is only shown on the monitors in the ZHG.

    The regular duration of the monitor films is limited to 2 weeks.

    Technical requirements
    • Possible file formats:
      • Images: jpeg, jpg, png
      • Animations and videos can be displayed in mp4 format, the file size should be compressed to less than 5 MB

      Content-related information
      • Font size: 40pt or larger to ensure legibility at a greater distance
      • No advertising (the monitors are for information purposes)
      • No presentation of sponsor logos
      • When using your own design, the sender should always be recognizable, e.g. through a logo
      • The use of QR codes is possible
      • The contrast between the font color and the background should be as high as possible in terms of accessibility. The contrast of the colors used can be checked here, for example.

    We are also able to provide templates for the creation of monitor slides on request.
    Event Template
    Example event template