Music in Detention *Provisional Programme*

Conference Venue: Paulinerkirche, Papendiek 14, 37073 Göttingen

Friday, 15 March 2013


Welcome and Introduction
M. J. Grant (University of Göttingen): Pathways to Music Torture

Panel I

Marie Louise Herzfeld-Schild (Freie Universität, Berlin):
‘He Plays on the Pillory’: The Use of Musical Instruments in Punishments of the Middle Ages

Beat Föllmi (University of Strasbourg):
Places and Functionality of Music in Detention, Torture and Executions During the Religious Persecutions of the 16th Century

Panel II

Inna Klause (University of Göttingen): Music and Re-Education in the Soviet Gulag

Andrea F. Bohlman (University of Pennsylvania):
Pamphlets, Mix Tapes and Surveillance Footage: The Mixed Musical Messages of Polish Internment Camps and Prisons

Panel III

Anna Papaeti (University of Göttingen): Music and Re-Education in the Greek Prison Camp of Makronissos, 1948–52

Anabela Duarte (University of Lisbon):
Unlocking the ‘Segredo’: The Scandalous 1957 PIDE-DGS Trial. Politics of Sound Violence and Torture in the Portuguese ‘Estado Novo’

Juan José Pastor Comín, Cristina Rodríguez Yague (University of Castilla-La Mancha):
Music as an Instrument of Re-Education in the Prisons of the Early Francoist Regime

Panel IV

Caitlin Procter (School of Oriental and African Studies, London):
Performing Solidarity: Singing in Gambaga Witch Camp (Ghana)

Áine Mangaoang (University of Liverpool & Ateneo de Manila University):
Therapy or Torture?: YouTube, Thanatourism and the Dancing Inmates of Cebu (working title)

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Panel V

Barbara Milewski (Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania), Bret Werb (Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington):
A Little-Known Study of Musical Sadism

Katarzyna Naliwajek (University of Warsaw):
Music at War versus War on Music

Panel VI

Kirsten Dyck (James Madison University, Virginia):
Music and its Absence in Claude Lanzmann’s documentary ‘Shoah’

Melissa Kagen (Stanford University):
Musical Shadows: Music as Torture in Auschwitz and Guantanamo

Panel VII

Suzanne G. Cusick (New York University):
Music Torture in the US ‘War on Terror’ (working title)

Harmin Sijercic (Freedom From Torture, London):
The Use of Music in the Rehabilitation of Torture Survivors

Panel VII

Christian Chukwuma Opata (University of Nigeria, Nsukka):
Music as an Instrument of Punishment in Traditional Igbo Society: Insight from Lejja Iron Smelting Community, Nigeria

Johann S. Buis (Wheaton College, Illinois):
Mandela’s Prison Songs: From Prison to Public Policy

Discussion, Closing Remarks