New e-mail distribution list for the Göttingen Musicology

We would like to alert you to the new e-mail distribution list for the Musicological Department Göttingen, "MuwiGoeVerteiler". Until now, a central email list for students, staff, alumni and other interested in the Göttingen Musicology community has not existed. The e-mail distribution list is hosted by the gwdg and is moderated, to ensure the relevance of sent messaged for musicologists. Anyone can subscribe and unsubscribe to the list. Posting to the list is enabled for all subscribers. Upon subscription you consent to below stated privacy regulations.

The e-mail distribution list is intended for study-related communication and information, notifications on events or concerts, job positions, music making collaboration etc. We hope for a broad subscription of students in order to communicate important notices of the Department, but also for a lively exchange between all members of the Department in general.

For questions refer to the moderator Sarah Avischag Müller.

Privacy Regulations

Upon subscribing to MuwiGoeVerteiler, you consent to the following privacy regulations:

  • Subscription to the e-mail distribution list is via double-opt-in subscription, i.e. members subscribe independently (unter: and confirm their subscription wish additionally by following the link sent out to the enlisted e-mail-address by the system.
  • If you wish to unsubscribe from MuwiGoeVerteiler, you can do this independently on If encountering problems at unsubscription, please contact the administrator of the list, Sarah Avischag Müller (
  • Concerning usage and storage of data on the list: Data (e-mail-address and if given, name) are stored only on the e-mail-distribution-system of the gwdg. Your address is not visible to other list members, only to the administrator, other than as the sender address when you post a message to the list. The address is not stored at other places and not deferred to third parties. Upon unsubscribing, you data will be deleted. Messages sent to the list are not archived centrally.
    With further questions or problems, please refer to the list administrator.

Listserv is a service of the gwdg Göttingen.
Privacy regulations of the gwdg apply: