Newsletter No. 15 from 13th November 2012

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

In this edition of the MCS Newsletter you will find information on our next study day on 4 December, and our conference on "Music in Detention" in March 2013.

**1. MCS STUDY DAY, 4 DECEMBER 2012, 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.**

Our study days are opportunities for in-depth discussion of recent relevant literature on our research topic. These meetings are open to everyone; for organisational reasons, however, we ask that you register your interest in attending by sending an e-mail to
no later than 30. November 2012. The Study Day will be held in the Department of Musicology here at the University of Göttingen.

At this study day we will discuss the following literature, all of which is available online:

i. Robert Neustadt, ‘Reading Spanish American National Anthems. “Sonograms” of National Identity’, Music and Politics 5/1 (Winter 2011)

ii. Moshe Bensimon, ‘The Dynamic of Songs in Intergroup Conflict and Proximity: The Case of the Israeli Disengagement from the Gaza Strip’, Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 12/3 (May 2009)
(If you do not have access to Sage’s digital archives via your institution, please let us know.)

iii. Kevin C. Miller, Chapter 8 (pp. 330-377) of ‘A Community of Sentiment: Indo-Fijian Music and Identity Discourse in Fiji and its Diaspora’ (PhD thesis).


The provisional programme of our next conference has now been published at

"Music in Detention: Provisional Programme"

Details on how to register will be published in due time. If you are interested in attending, please indicate your interest by e-mailing us at
We will then add you to the conference mailing list and update you accordingly.


Kirsten Dyck, who worked in the group as a Fulbright fellow in the last academic year, has successfully defended her dissertation on music in the White Power movement, at Washington State University. Congratulations, Kirsten!

More information on the Research Group can be found at
Research Group "Music, Conflict and the State"

Best wishes

The Research Group "Music, Conflict and the State"