Apply fort he NICE program

- gain in-demand skills, academic credit and friends from around Europe with the NICE program!

The NICE program offers:
• Entrepreneurship, collaboration and intercultural competence skills to become more employable after graduation
• Academic credit from the University of Edinburgh
• The chance to attend a summer school in Salamanca
What will you do on the NICE program?

On the NICE program, you will develop an innovative business idea in a team of students from across Europe to solve a Global Challenge that you have chosen together. To achieve this, you will work through interactive virtual modules focused on intercultural competence and entrepreneurship. Additionally, you can complete the NICE SLICC which is an independent, reflective learning course focusing on the skills you are learning in the modules.
There are no fees to participate in the NICE program and if selected for the summer school, you will receive partial funding to attend.

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