Overall Objectives:
BRAMAR is a German-Brazilian research and technology project that wants to improve integrated water resources management in semiarid Northeast Brazil. Water Reuse and Managed Aquifer Recharge will be studied in their role as key elements of sustainable development strategies. The project will also increase the opportunities of German research institutes and companies to contribute to the development of the Brazilian water sector and access to the Brazilian market in key areas.

Water reuse and Managed Aquifer Recharge pilot plants will be implemented in various case study areas in Northeast Brazil in order to be able to assess these measures as a part of integrated water resources management (IWRM). Additionally, a decision support platform will be developed to support strategic decisions regarding IWRM implementation. Knowledge transfer and dissemination of the project results will also take place via a web-based water resources information platform.

BRAMAR definition

Specific Objectives:
The project objectives will be accomplished through both scientific and technological approaches. These will address the present situation in Northeast Brazil in terms of surface and groundwater availability, opportunities for wastewater reuse as well as water needs from the agricultural, municipal and industrial sectors. Besides that, the impact of climate change and socioeconomical development in the region will be taken into consideration.

The main scientific and technical objectives of the proposed project are:

  • Mitigation of water scarcity and water related conflicts in Northeast Brazil through sustainable strategies based on the integrated management of all available water resources
  • Contribution to the recovery of groundwater levels of coastal and inland aquifer systems of Northeast Brazil by Managed Aquifer Recharge and implementation of measures for groundwater protection and quality
  • Foster water pollution control by improved wastewater infrastructure and water reuse
  • Promotion of water reuse in all areas, e.g. municipalities, agriculture and industries
  • Demonstration of suitable German water reclamation technologies for different reuse applications

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