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Offers for Scientific Staff with Leading Responsibilities

The task of leading coworkers can be challenging: the leaders´ conduct and behaviour can strongly influence motivation, job satisfaction and performance of coworkers.

We would like to offer leaders Support regarding their daily challenges as superiors and leaders. Advice and consultation are being treated on a strictly confidential basis. Each means of support will be arranged in accurate compliance with the questioner and won´t entail fix obligations. Together, we will bring clarification to challenging developments in their work situation which need to be optimized or resolved. We try to develop solutions on a strategic and sustainable basis.

Should you happen to have leading responsibilities, please find below a first overview of our approaches for your team, or for yourself, or for a specific coworker of yours.

Fulfilling my Leadership Role

    If you are looking for a professional interlocutor with whom to talk about challenging issues in your work situation which need to be optimized or resolved: we offer to arrange a first consultation appointment with a professional coach, who could accompany processes over a period of time!

    You decide whether, which way, and how long to work with the coach after the first meeting.

    The official procurement (of the coach) and administrative proceedings (of the coaching process) will be handled by our section. Cost coverage will be determined according to the case. As a rule, costs are covered by the institution of the questioner.

    The sequence planning (dates, meeting places, fine-tuning of the goals) is up to the questioner(s) and the coach. We kindly invite you to contact us.

Finding New Staff and Recruitment

    Coworkers must be motivated and competent to fulfill their tasks and should display a variety of other characteristics. For a leader, it can be difficult to identify and select suitable coworkers. HR development staff is familiar with methods to support your recruitment case; from the posting, the examining of the applications to questions about the conduct of the interviews. As for the filling of key positions, we offer to draft the whole appointment procedure with a knack for your target group and offer to accompany the hiring procedures. In this respect, we should be contacted quite some time before the advertising takes place.

    We offer to provide you with experienced staff by drawing on our internal helpers pool: That´s in case your staff will be away from work due to parental leave or sick leave; or simply if you need extra personnel on short term.

    Please follow our link to find more information here.


    Organisational, technical or personnel changes do not only affect individual members but the whole team and can have great impact on process flows. HR development offers support and supervision for teams on their path to a better collaboration.

    More information on our means of support can be found here.

    To provide your coworkers with the necessary expertise in divers areas (subject and / or social competence-related), you can rely on our well-proven Qualification Programme. Moreover, we can support you to find external advice or we can organize and draft target-specific internal events for you. More information can be found here.

    We invite you to contact us! Our Qualification Programme can be found here.


    You are cordially invited to visit us at our premisses: we provide a cabinet of books with HR related themes whose keywords are communication, conflict resolution, team building, leadership. The literature, as well as a few popular and specialist magazines, can be studied only on our spot; volumes cannot be borrowed.
    Please announce your visit to one of our staff members!

Administrative Questions

    Questions related to administrative proceedings are taken care of by our collegues at the main HR Department. A guideline on launching and advertising a position and the filling of positions can be found at the Coworkers Portal (MAP). This portal provides all sorts of forms in order to apply for / or to proceed issues (business travel applications, holiday applications, orders etc.), to be found in the menue bar below "Formular Center".