Personality development and participation in civil society

All the courses of studies offered by the Faculty of Theology support the personal development of the individual students and empower their skills for participation in civil society.

Theology as the scientific engagement with Christian faith is implicitly and explicitly interconnected with the self-interpretation of the students and their interpretation of the world. Thus, it challenges the students by requesting constant self-reflection. This is necessary for this discipline and sets free the special virtue of studying theology. Furthermore, the personal development of the students is supported by gaining intercultural skills and knowledge. Familiarity with the different Christian denominations as well as with regional, national and global contexts of religious life is vital to scientific theology. Only through understanding the other human being, his or her biography and culture of origin, it is possible to communicate and scrutinize the Christian message. Therefore, it is necessary to build up intercultural competence across all theological disciplines.

At the same time, the courses of studies offered by the Faculty of Theology impart the proficiency for participation in civil society, especially by the interdisciplinary orientation of theological research, the theological dialogues with their characteristic variation between inside and outside perspectives, as well as the communication between students. Social habits and impacts of Christian religion are being analysed, referred to today`s world and transferred into guidance of action. This is how students gain the competence to participate in debating socially relevant topics in a critical and constructive way. They are enabled to deal with people from all over the world in a way that is free of prejudices and to take a stand for a democratic, constitutional, liberal and tolerant social system.