PONS - Geistes- und Kulturwissenschaften - A "bridge" for the student exchange between the german departments of Egyptology and Coptic Studies

Since 2016 students of Egyptology and Coptic Studies have the opportunity to study at one of our german partner universities for one or two semesters via the PONS-program, which is comparable to a national Erasmus. It is the successor to "PONS-Archaeology", which was geared solely towards students of Classical Archaeology.

Currently, the department of Egyptology and Coptic Studies has partners in Bonn, Leipzig, Mainz, Cologne and the HU Berlin. A first meeting between the many participating partners was held in May 2016 as a way to get to know the different partners and departments and to illustrate the perks of the exchange program.

The participating departments are Ancient History, Assyriology, Christian Archaeology and Byzantine Art History, English, German Medieval Studies, Gender Studies, Iranian Studies, Classical Archaeology, Classical Philology, Art History, Romance Studies, Scandinavian Studies and Prehistory and (Pre)historic History.

Before applying directly to the PONS-coordination students have the opportunity to get a counseling session with your departments contact person. For the department of Egyptology and Coptic Studies contact Natalia Kruglova, who can answer questions every Thursday from 12-16 p.m. For appointments outside the office hours you can contact her via natalia.kruglova@stud.uni-goettingen.de.

Due to the learning agreement between the partner universities it is easy and uncomplicated to get credits acquired at the partner university recognized in Göttingen. Furthermore, students get the chance to learn about different research emphases at other departments and to enhance their professional expertise. Meeting new students and professors enables them to establish a professional network which can come in handy in their later career. The exchange program offers a one-time scholarship of 250,-.

Further information can be found on the PONS-homepage.