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Professors / Junior Professors

Professors are subject to the general civil service law as well as the regulations of §§ 24 – 29 Lower Saxony Higher Education Act (‘Niedersächsisches Hochschulgesetz – NHG). Basis for the employment contract of junior professors is § 30 NHG, which contains many regulations also applicable to professors.

Professors are usually appointed for a civil service contract for their lifetime. The current teaching load is 9 lecture units (‘Lehrveranstaltungsstunden’ – LVS).
The appointment of junior professors is made as a temporary civil service contract for a term of three years. Upon positive evaluation an extension for up to three years is possible. The teaching load is usually 4 LVS.

The employment requires the prior conducting of an appointment procedure.

Professors appointed before 09/30/2003 have been assigned to the former payroll regulation C. Since 10/01/2003 the new appointed professors as well as those who change over to payroll regulation W due to further stay negotiation or due to their own initiative, are paid according to payroll regulation W, which also contains performance-based elements.