Project Ö (PR) - Teacher education for society: Making EFForTS knowledge available for Indonesia

The PR project responds to the question “How can we make EFForTS knowledge available to society?” and thereby “How can this knowledge be integrated into Education for Sustainable Development in Indonesia?” The project measures include to i) qualify teacher educators for teaching EFForTS issues, ii) develop didactically reconstructed EFForTS knowledge and evaluate it as well as iii) implement and further disseminate it. The implementation will take place in eight universities on four Indonesian islands. The educational material will be provided as Open Educational Resources to the public.
Extended Summary

Trennblatt PR1 B 600
Workshop with Indonesian educational representatives for drafting the PR project

Trennblatt PR2 B 600
Making EFForTS issues available for Indonesian teacher education on Sumatra, Java, Bali and Sulawesi