Project G - Benchmarking luminescence to structural features in substituted anthracene host-guest excimers

In daily life dyes and optoelectronics like OLEDs and OFETs are either employed as thin films or single crystals. Despite the various applications the effects causing solid-state luminescence are not yet fully understood. Aggregation-caused quenching, as well as aggregation-induced emission, are currently qualitatively scaled to a variety of weak non-covalent interactions, which one can steer by substitution and conformation. The use of photochromic coordination cages proved to be particularly interesting for light-triggered guest uptake and release. In this project, we will conduct structural measurements on a full cornucopia of asymmetrically substituted anthracenes crystallizing with numerous different arenes. The resulting luminescent host-guest complexes will provide a basis for challenging theoretical benchmarks.