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Publications 2021

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  • LU, J., SCHEU, S. (2021) Response of soil microbial communities to mixed beech-conifer forests varies with site conditions Soil Biology and Biochemistry 155, 108155

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  • POLLIERER, M.M., SCHEU, S. (2021) Stable isotopes of amino acids indicate that soil decomposer microarthropods predominantly feed on saprotrophic rather than ectomycorrhizal fungi. Ecosphere DOI: 10.1002/ecs2.3425

  • POLLIERER, M.M., KLARNER, B., OTT, D., DIGEL, C., EHNES, R.B., EITZINGER, B., ERDMANN, G., BROSE, U., MARAUN, M., SCHEU, S. (2021) Diversity and functional structure of soil animal communities suggest soil animal food webs to be buffered against changes in forest land use. Oecologia, in press

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    QUINTERO-GUTIÉRREZ, E.J., BEAULIEU, F. SANDMANN, D., KLARNER, B., WIDYASTUTI, R., SCHEU, S. (2021) Two new species of Pachylaelaps (Pachylaelaps) (Acari: Pachylaelapidae) from Sumatra, Indonesia, and redescription of P. turgidus Vitzthum, 1926, in prep.

  • STRECKER, T., JESCH, A., BACHMANN, D., JÜDS, M., KRABSTEIN, K., RAVENEK, J., ROSCHER, C., WEIGELT, A., EISENHAUER, N., SCHEU, S. (2021) Incorporation of mineral nitrogen into the soil food web as affected by plant community composition. Ecology and Evolution, DOI: 10.1002/ece3.7325

  • SUSANTI, W.I., WIDYASTUTI, R., SCHEU, S., POTAPOV, A. (2021) Trophic niche differentiation and utilization of food resources in Collembola is altered by rainforest conversion to plantation systems. PeerJ 9: e10971