Regulations at the Library of Theology

The following pages contain the regulations for our library and important information regarding its use. You can find the complete library regulations on the black board at the front desk or ask one of the librarians.

1. The library of the „Vereinigten Theologischen Seminare“ offers a wide varity of resources for study and research in all theological disciplines. As a reference library books can, in general, only be used in the library itself. The use of the library is at your own risk.
2. The library can be used by members and those affiliated with the Theology Faculty and other faculties and universities. Furthermore, the director of the Theology Faculty can grant access to the library to non-university personnel.
3. Please see the library entrance for opening hours, as they vary.
4. User instructions for the library:
4.1 The library is a public domain. A short-time lending is only possible with a valid library card.
4.2 At the beginning of every semester a free library card can be picked up from the library personnel. The library card is the property of library and untransferable.
With pick up library card you accept, that the library will note your personal data (name, address and Email). This data will be delete 12 month after the last legal library card.
For the percipience of your own authorization (information, advice, correction, deletion, limited handling, objection, transfer of data )inform the faculty personell or the data security officer of University (Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiebe, LL.M. (Virginia), Platz der Göttinger Sieben 6, 37073 Göttingen). It is also possible to inform the data security officer of Lower Saxony (, Prinzenstraße 5, 30159 Hannover).
4.3 Please show your library card to the library personnel when entering the reading hall.
4.4 Please inform the library personnel immediately upon loss of a library card. The user will be held responsible for any costs due to the loss of the card.
4.5 Jackets, bags etc. need to be put into a locker during the library visit. To store things over a longer period, please use our lockers in the basement. To store thing during the library visit, please use the lockers in the front hall of the library. Keys are available at the front desk. The library will not take any responsibility for damages to the locker or theft of the content. Library personnel is authorized to open the locker after requesting the return of the locker key.
Located objects or not timely clear left-luggage will be handled according § 978 „Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch“.
4.6 At the exit of the reading hall, please be ready to show any books, manuscripts etc. you have brought into the library at the front desk.
4.7 Please follow instructions given by library personnel. In the event of failure to comply with personnel instructions, the library card may be revoked and the user expelled from the library. The Director may decide if the user will get his or her card back.
5. Manners in the reading hall:
5.1 In the interest of all visitors, please work quietly in the reading hall. Smoking is strictly forbidden. Food are not allowed. Cell phones need to be turned off at the entrance. Water in transparent bottles is allowed.
5.2 Please handle books and catalogs carefully. Do not take out pages, take notes or underline sentences in the book. Please handle books and catalogs carefully. Do not take out pages, take notes or underline sentences in the book. Please also show the books and catalogs, if you leave the library. The library staff was authorized to control bags etc..
5.3 In the library you have access to copy machines. Books with visible damage can not be copied. Please ask the library personnel for information regarding alternative methods of copying and reproduction. Please handle books carefully while copying.
Photograph, film and audio recording in the library was only allowed, after former permission from the guidance of library.
5.4 After using the books, make sure you return them to their right spot. The signature can help you find it.
5.5 The Internet, accessible at the library computers, can only be used for academic and research related purposes. Noncompliance can lead to the exclusion from the computers.
6. Lending books:
In general the library of the „Vereinigten Theologischen Seminare“ is a reference library. Please use the following lending option rarely and only when neccessary.
6.1 The personnel of the Theology Faculty can take borrowed books to their rooms within the building. Please fill out a card with the information of the wanted items and file them in the card box at the front desk. Also, please place a card, available at the front desk, at the location of the book. The lending period is 14 days. Encyclopedias and other reference books can not be taken outside of the library. Exceeding the lending period will lead to a written reminder. With the receiving of a second reminder you will have to start paying late payment fees.
6.2 Lending outside of the building will only be allowed for university professors if the book is not available in the main university library or temporarily not available. The same return and late fee policies are applied.
6.3 The library personnel has authorization to take books back from faculty personnel if they are recalled for use by another user. If necessary, library personnel can take the book out of faculty offices and rooms.In this event, a note will be left for the faculty personnel.
6.4 Users, who have to show their library card (in general students), are allowed to borrow books in urgent cases over the weekend. Books/Media may be picked up starting on Friday at 2 pm and dropped off no later than 11 am the following workday. Please fill out an information card at the front desk. Also, during irregular opening hours or when the library is closed for extended periods (mostly during semester breaks) books may be borrowed in urgent cases.
The excess of the borrowing period leads to a reminder and fees.
6.5 During the revision of the library, books must return back seven days before the beginning of the revision.
7. The contents of the student library are marked with a red sticker. Only students can borrow the assigned books for one month.
8. Special library facilities
The director will give further information about he regulations for the use of further library facilities and services.
9. All costs caused by vandalizing, careless behavior or other violations of the library regulations are the responsibility of the initiator. Extreme violations, or cases of more than one violations against library regulations, can lead to a suspension from the library and revoking of library card for up to six months. Other disciplinatoroy actions or persuing of compensation of damages may also follow.