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Churches, Jewish Community, Mosque, KHG, ESG

There is both a Protestant and a Catholic student community at the University of Göttingen. They conduct services and provide pastoral care as well as offering a programme of classes open for students and visiting scientists. The largest proportion of Göttingen parishes are Lutheran. Fewer are Catholic. Some of these parishes offer church services in languages other than German and provide room for groups who maintain country-specific forms of worship. Please contact the Lutheran Superintendent's or the Catholic Dean's office for further details. Other Protestant parishes such as, for example, the Baptists have rooms of worship and contact people in Göttingen.
A few years ago, a Jewish community was refounded in Göttingen. Its activities are supplemented by a Jewish house of learning. Its doors are open to all interested people.
In Göttingen the Islamic communities are the Islamische Gemeinschaft Al-Iman e.V., the DITIB Moschee and the Al Taqwa-Verein Göttingen

The Göttingen University has set up a "Room of Silcence" for students and employees on central campus. There staff, employees and asociates of the university of all confessions have the opportunity to congreate for solitary or mutual reflection. Moreover, any university members interested in and looking for a place for inner thought, mediation or prayer can use this open-purpose room irrespective of their religion. The "Room of Silence " is a joint project of the university involving Göttingen's Protestant student community, Catholic university community, ist Reformed Presbyterian parish, Liberal Jewish community, and Turkish-Islamic community (DITIB). The "Room of Silence" is open on weekdays from 9.00 am to 9.30 pm.