Research Projects

  • The sacred landscape of Late Antique Athens: a comparative study of literary, epigraphic and archaeological evidence for the transformations of the sacred landscape within the city.

  • Publication of a volume based on my dissertation, by exploring the implications statue depositions have for Late Antique History and Religion.

  • Coordinator of the interdisciplinary field project “Rock-cut monastic complexes in the North-eastern Balkans”, involving 6 institutions in 3 countries. The project aims to study monastic life in the region involving experts in history, epigraphy, archaeology and geography. The volume is planned for the spring of 2012.

  • “La Maison de la Cachette”- a republication and new museum display of the statues and mosaics found in and under this urban villa in Carthage, together with the Musée de Bardo and Musée de Carthage in Tunis.