Sala Alanda Lamega - PhD Student

Research interest

  • Cropping and Farming systems and climate risks
  • Agro-systems modelling
  • Field experimentation, monitoring and evaluation


SALLnet - Limpopo Living Landscapes - Understanding the dynamics of ecological and cultural landscapes, in the face of global change, in the northern Limpopo region of South Africa

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Lamega, S., Komainda, M., Hoffmann, M.P., Ayisi, K. K., Odhiambo, J.J.O., Isselstein, J., 2021: It depends on the rain: Smallholder farmers' perceptions on the seasonality of feed gaps and how it affects livestock in semi-arid and arid regions in Southern Africa. Climate Risk Management 34, 100362

Rötter, R., Scheiter, S., Hoffmann, M., Pfeiffer, M., Nelson, W., Ayisi, K., Taylor, P., Feil, J.-H., Yazdan Bakhsh, S., Isselstein, J., Linstaedter, A., Behn, K., Westphal, C., Grass, I., Odhiambo, J.J.O., Twine, W., Paolo, M., Bracho-Mujica, G., Bringhenti, T., Lamega, S., Abdulai, I., Lam, Q., Anders, M., Linden, V., Weier, S., Foord, S., Erasmus, B., 2021: Letter-to-the-Editor: Modelling the multi-functionality of African savanna landscapes under global change. Land Degradation & Development, DOI:10.1002/ldr.3925

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