Postdoc Lisa Schüler-Goldbach

Research Interests

My main research interest lies in using palaeosol and sediment records to explore the nature of past environmental change under changing climatic regimes and cultural influences. I am especially interested in a long-term perspective on the development and response of terrestrial environments to both natural and anthropogenic impacts. As a palaeoecologist, I work in interdisciplinary and international projects, combining multiproxy datasets to reconstruct past environmental change in tropical East Africa, currently with a main focus on afromontane and savanna ecosystems.
I am especially interested in the transformation modern pollen rain and vegetation communities to fossil assemblages, using ecological monitoring, pollen traps and vegetation study data to improve and refine palaeoenvironmental inferences.

Quantitative approaches in palynology and palaeoclimatology
My scientific focus is the development and exploration of pollen-environmental datasets using multivariate approaches (e.g. ordination, WAPLS, etc). I am especially interested in the effects of selection and transformation of plant taxa composition on the accuracy and reliability of pollen-based transfer functions.

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