When you are interested in your own e-learning projects we can teach you and your collegues in the software.

You can choose which kind of didactic tool you would like to use in your lectures or lessons. For example self learning modules, timed exercices, lecture or screen casts for own videos.

Course offer from the faculty
We offer a personalized schooling system for you no matter how much participants you will bring along. Contact us.

Currently following schoolings are offered:

  • ILIAS (self learning modules) ###
  • DoIT (timed exercices) ###
  • Camtasia Studio (screen and lecture casts) ##
  • Adobe Premiere (professional video editing) ##
  • Adobe Connect (professional video conferences) #
  • Adobe Illustrator (professional graphics) #
  • Adobe Photoshop (professional pictures) #

# = getting started ## = up to advanced ### = up to professional

Course offer from the university
(G) Group schoolings regularly. Get in contact with other lecturers and share your knowledge and experiences as well as getting an idea of the software and their didactic use.
(P) Personal introductions upon consultation.
Lecture hall techniques regularly

Currently following courses/introductions are possible:

  • ILIAS (self learning modules) (G)
  • ILIAS EA (e-exams) (P)
  • DoIT (G)
  • Camtasia Studio (screen and lecture casts) (P)
  • Lecturnity (lecture casts) (P)
  • Adobe Connect (video conferences) ## (P)
  • Lecture hall techiques (lecture casts and media settings)(G)
  • Media server (P)

Contact via:

Higher education didactics - workshops
Workshops regularly. Especially on e-learning you should visit "motivate, activate & network building". This workshop deals with asynchrone and synchrone learning scenarios like ILIAS or virtual classrooms. Next workshop starts winter term 13/14.