Selected Publications in English

• Franke, Marcus; Gies, Philipp; Heiland, Heiner; Laudenbach, Franziska; Nussbaum, Ilana (2023 process of publication): Special issue of the Journal of Political Sociology on “Organizing transnational collective action within multi-level employment relations: When and how does transnational solidarity occur?”
• Heiland, Heiner (2023): Special issue of the Journal Work in the Global Economy on "Organizational Misbehaviour in Digital Work”.

Articles (**double blind peer-reviewed)
• *Heiland, Heiner (2023): The Social Construction of Algorithms. A Reassessment of Algorithmic Management in Food Delivery Gig Work. In: New Technology, Work & Employment.
• *Heiland, Heiner; Sevignani, Sebastian; Seeliger, Martin (2023): The Proletarian Public Sphere Revisited: Conceptual Propositions on the Structural Transformation of Publics in Labour Policy. In: Philosophy and Social Criticism.
• *Heiland, Heiner (2023): A Tale of Two Cities. The Intrinsic Spatial Logic of Courier Protests. In: The Economic and Labour Relations Review.
• Heiland, Heiner (2023): Dissenting behaviours at work. Editorial. In: Work in the Global Economy 3 (1), 2-5.
• **Brinkmann, Ulrich; Heiland, Heiner; Seeliger, Martin (2022): Corporate Public Spheres between Refeudalization and Revitalization. In: Theory, Culture and Society 39 (4), pp. 75-90.
• **Heiland, Heiner (2022): ''Neither timeless, nor placeless: Control of food delivery gig work via place-based working time regimes." In: Human Relations 75(9), pp. 1824-1848. (Online first: 15. June 2021) Awarded with the Young Talent Award from the German Industrial Relations Association
• **Heiland, Heiner (2021):Controlling Space, Controlling Labour? Contested Space in Food Delivery Gig Work. In: New Technology, Work and Employment, 36(1), pp. 1-16.
• **Heiland, Heiner (2019): Reversed Solutionism. Technological and Organisational Control of Crowdwork. In: PACO 12(3).

Book Chapters:
• Heiland, Heiner (i.E.): Shaping Space and Being Shaped by it. Analyzing the Socio-spatial Dialectic of Food Delivery Platforms. In: Rainone, S.; Vandaele, K. (Hrsg.): Towards regulatory embeddedness? Insights from dynamics in app-based food delivery in Europe. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing.
• Heiland, Heiner (2022): New Forms of Agency or Atomization? Gig Workers' Power Resources and Fragmentation. In: Ness, I. (ed.): Platform Labour and Global Logistics. A Research Companion. London: Routledge, pp.132-149.
• Heiland, Heiner (2022): Black Box Power. Algorithmic Management and Zones of Uncertainty. In: Briziarelli, M.; Risi, E.; Armano, E. (Eds.): Digital Platforms and Algorithmic Self. Westminster University Press, pp. 75-86.
• Heiland, Heiner; Schaupp, Simon (2021): Breaking Digital Atomisation. Resistant Cultures of Solidarity in Platform-Based Courier Work. In: Moore, P.; Woodcock, J. (ed.). Augmented Exploitation: Artificial Intelligence, Automation and Work. London: Pluto Press, pp. 138-148.

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