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Senate Committees of the University of Göttingen

The Senate Committees shall prepare the meetings of the senate by making recommendations and shall discuss matters within their remit. A matter shall be dealt with by several Senate Committees if it concerns different areas of responsibility.

The Senate Committees perform tasks in the following areas:

Senate Committee on Development and Financial Planning (KEF):

Financial and structural matters, in particular:
- economic plan
- medium-term financial planning
- Strategic planning with regard to the assessment of follow-up costs
- Matters of research with regard to the assessment of follow-up costs
- Establishment, substantial modification and abolition of inter-faculty and central institutions.

Senate Research Committee:

Research matters, in particular:
- Evaluation of joint projects as well as research or funding projects of university-wide significance.
- Badvising applicants
- in the context of strategic planning, identifying projects and research groups with the potential of a competitive network.

Senate Committee for Information Management (KIM):

Cross-sectional tasks in the evaluation and development of the University's digital and library infrastructure including cooperation within the Göttingen Campus as well as data management, data security and data protection

Senate Committee for Gender Equality and Diversity (KfGD)

The Senate Committee for Equality and Diversity, in coordination with the full-time Equal Opportunities Officer of the University, has cross-sectional tasks in fundamental matters that directly affect issues of equality and diversity, in particular concerning:
- Framework plan for equality as well as equality plans of the faculties, central institutions and the central administration, taking diversity aspects into account.
- Evaluation and development of programs to promote equality and diversity
- Equality and diversity in the context of strategic and development planning

Central Senate Committee for Teaching and Studies (zKLS):

Tasks in fundamental matters of teaching and learning, in particular:
- Establishment, substantial modification and discontinuation of study programmes
- Examination and study regulations as well as regulations on access and admission
- Quality of teaching
- Teaching evaluation
- Development and evaluation of study concepts.

Senate Committee for Climate Protection and Sustainability (KfKN)

The Senate Committee for Climate Protection and Sustainability initiates, accompanies and evaluates university measures for climate protection, discusses and evaluates strategic plans and developments according to their climate and environmental compatibility and advises the university in cooperation with non-university actors with regard to the goals of climate protection and ecological and sustainable management.