Service promises of our chair

In order to continue improving academic quality, we give you the following seven promises:

  • Corrections of exams and final papers

    You will receive your marks no later than four weeks after the date of the exam. After handing in your bachelor or master thesis, you will receive your reslistet no later than four or six weeks respectively afterwards.

  • Feedback

    After seminars, oral exams and final papers you will receive a feedback during a personal discussion with your respective supervisor

  • Contact to the Chair

    After sending an e-mail you will hear from us within three days. If desired we will give you a personal appointment within a week with Professor Bizer or an assistant.

  • Study Information

    Our homepage, our notice-board and Stud.IP always offer up-to-date information. The tutorial assignments will be online in Stud.IP at least two days before the tutorial.

  • Certifications and attestations

    We prepare certificates or attestations for studies abroad or scholarship applications within two weeks (if the necessary requirements are met).

  • Final Thesis Combined with Research and Practice

    Outstanding students are offered the opportunity to write a final thesis combined with research or practice.