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Südniedersachsen Innovation Campus


In the Südniedersachsen Innovation Campus (SNIC), the universities of the region, the districts of Südniedersachsen and the City of Göttingen cooperate with their business development agencies, the Chamber of Crafts as well as more than 20 partners from industry - which were won through the commitment of the Göttingen IHK (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) office - under the umbrella of the Südniedersachsenstiftung (Südniedersachsen foundation).
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Südniedersachsen has a diverse and excellent scientific landscape. "It is our goal to strengthen the role of the region's universities as drivers of innovation," says Prof. Dr Kilian Bizer. He co-initiated the SNIC and, as coordinator of the major regional project, works closely with the SNIC office managed by Mascha Albrecht.

Through the targeted search for application-oriented research results, the financial and personnel support of technology consulting for companies and a broad range of support services for innovative minds, the SNIC contributes to making optimum use of the innovation potential between the Harz Mountains and the Weser Uplands.

Knowledge transfer and retention of specialists

The measures in the area of knowledge transfer and the retention of specialists are coordinated at the University of Göttingen. Here we present you a selection of our offers:

PraxisArbeit [PracticeWork]


Investigation of practice-relevant questions in the context of bachelor's and master's theses. Students can have incurred travel and material expenses reimbursed up to a maximum of 400 EUR by SNIC. Do you already have a topic in mind? We help students find a suitable business partner and support companies in finding committed students for their projects. › Flyer PraxisArbeit

Support is open to students of all faculties and subjects.

PraxisForum [Practice Forum]

The PraxisForum is a networking event for people from academia, industry, politics and administration. In 5-7 short lectures, scientists and scholars present current, application-oriented research results, companies and research facilities present their joint cooperation projects.

Blick in die Forschung [A look into research]

In the series Blick in die Forschung (BidF; [A look into research]), research results with strong practical relevance are presented briefly and concisely. In addition to projects of the University of Göttingen, research results of the partner universities are also presented. All articles are available for download on the website of the Südniedersachsen Innovation Campus (SNIC).

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All SNIC Fields of Work

Knowledge Transfer & Retention of Specialists
Coordination at the University of Göttingen

We organise excursions and networking events where people from academia and business can meet in an informal atmosphere. In addition, we promote application-oriented theses in cooperation with regional companies.› more

Technology Consulting & Innovation Scouting
Coordination by the Regional Economic Development Agency and TU Clausthal

Transforming the needs of companies and the potential of science into cooperation projects. The SNIC technology consultants, as contact persons for companies and the SNIC innovation scouts within the universities, initiate and support the successful cooperation between companies and research facilities.› more

Innovation academy & start-up support
Coordination at PFH and HAWK

Whether you have a business idea or want to successfully implement a change in your company, we offer workshops, seminars and one-on-one discussions to support you. Our services are aimed at students, doctoral students and employees. › more

All SNIC Services at a Glance

› Technology consulting and knowledge transfer

› Contacts in research

› Networking events for academia and business

› Seminars and workshops for people interested in founding a business

› Free office space for prospective entrepreneurs

› Recruiting of university graduates

› Funding of application-oriented theses

Career-Entry Mentoring Brückenschlag+ [Bridging+]

The mentoring programme Brückenschlag+ is funded by the MWK (Ministry for Higher Education, Research and the Arts) and specifically supports students in the transition phase from university to a job. The focus is on mentees facing special challenges. This may be the case, for example, if students do not have any close family member who has studied him/herself (1st generation students), if they already have care responsibilities for children or dependent relatives, if they have an unconventional curriculum vitae and/or a migrant background.

The Staff Unit Cooperation and Innovation supports matching between mentees and mentors from business. I more