Sound studio in the Department of Musicology

The sound studio is open to students of musicology for musical practice, for recording projects and for music production. Access and usage is permitted only during office hours of the department. Noisy activity is permitted only outside of teaching hours.

All users are required to sign up one week prior to the intended occupancy via email with the supervisor of the sound studio, Prof. Waczkat. Please provide your project name/usage purpose, the names of all users and if applicable, the corresponding course title. Additionally, users need to set up a date to pick up the keys from the seminar office with our office staff.

The student assistant for the sound studio is the contact person for technical help and assistance. They regularly provide introductory workshops for all interested users. The workshops will be announced on the website.

Musical instruments in the sound studio

Technical equipment

Analogue recording/playing

  • Behringer Xenyx X2442 mixer
  • Analogue audio tape recorders:
    Studer PR 99-audio tape recorder
    Teac 3440-quadrophony audio tape recorder
  • Thorens TD 115 record player

Digital recording/playing

  • Audio interface Behringer UMC1820
    Behringer X-Touch DAW-Controller
    CME Controller Keyboard
  • Computer: iMac
  • Software: Cubase, Adobe Audition

  • Mikrophones different manufacturers
  • Behringer Ultragain Pro Mikrophone preamplifier
  • Behringer Virtualizer Pro (effects)

  • Main monitor:
    Student-built 2-way-active system
    Near field monitor ESI nEar 05 with Subwoofer

  • Sound System (student-built)