Studying Chemistry - What is it about?

A whole world in molecule-scale...

...waiting to be discovered in a chemistry course.
Someone studying chemistry will start an exciting journey of discovery in the living and non-living world surrounding us. Chemistry searches for answers to important questions about the future of us all. How do medicines get into the cells where they are needed? How can the food for the continuously growing world population be ensured? What can substainable models of energy supply look like? The answers to these questions start on the small scale - at the molecule scale - and with your curiosity.


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Theory and lab practice are closely linked...

...and this is very important in the chemistry course in Göttingen!
Because only those people really understand chemistry, who verify theoretical knowledge in exact experiments or build new theories and knowledge based on experiments. Therefore, you will have a lot of time to practice work in the laboratory and use different research devices in our study courses. Practice is, of course, strongly linked to the expert knowledge you learn in lectures and practices.

Chemistry and society

It is important to us that you as student can reflect the role of chemistry in our society and take a stance in critical aspects. Sustainable and resource-friendly economy gains more importance in the public debate. Therefore, you will learn about the legal framework concerning chemistry already during your Bachelor course and you will become familiar with the safe handling of potentially hazardous substances.


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