Successful application for the integration in the DFG project "Biographies of migrants from Syria and West Africa in Brazil and Germany"

The German Research Foundation (DFG) approved an additional application for the inclusion of scholars at risk in the ongoing research project "Biographies of migrants from Syria and West Africa in Brazil and Germany – processes of inclusion and participation in the context of so-called irregular migration" headed by Gabriele Rosenthal. We are very pleased that Ms. Çakır-Kılınçoğlu will be working as a research assistant in our project for one year.

The research project, which started in February 2019, reconstructs participation processes and experiences of refugees from different social contexts in Germany and Brazil. We focus on the reconstruction of collective, family and life histories of people from West Africa and Syria who have been living in Germany or Brazil for several years. We focus on the questions of which social and historical constellations before, during and after migration determine biographical developments that make it easier or more difficult for migrants to establish themselves and participate in societies in the countries of arrival. As a part of the project, Ms. Çakır-Kılınçoğlu will focus on the collective and life histories of Kurds in Germany and Brazil who have fled from different contexts of origin.