Survey module design concerning the diversity of students

In line with the diversity strategy, the University of Göttingen strives to support students in developing their full potential and to enable their academic success by implementing tailor-made measures. At the same time, the University seeks to effectively deal with and sustainably prevent discrimination. This requires reliable data and knowledge concerning the diversity of students, about barriers as well as experiences of discrimination and privileged treatment. These factors can have an impact on individual study progress and on the work of University staff entrusted with the organisation of studies or who counsel and support students.

The project titled “Survey module design concerning the diversity of students” builds upon expertise and data from consultants within the University as well as surveys conducted at the central and decentralised levels. The project aims at designing question modules that can be used in surveys throughout the whole University concerning the heterogeneity of students.

In order to attain high quality and accuracy of fit, the expertise of University staff, for instance from counselling services or from the faculties, and of student representatives will be included in the developing process. At the same time, aspects from current nationwide surveys and surveys conducted at other universities, which are associated with diversity, are being taken into account and external experts included if necessary.

The project is funded from university quality funds and the project duration is 18 months (October 2018 – March 2020).