Lab rotations and theses for Bsc and MSc:

Join the lab and perform your own research! The projects of rotations and theses are usually part of an ongoing PhD project and Master theses often lead to co-authorships. Your bench work will usually be supervised by a PhD student and in addition, we will discuss your results regularly.

My aim is to support you in performing your research in an independent way both technically and intellectually. You should want to work and analyze your results independently, like to search and read the relevant literature, integrate into a collaborative environment, enjoy scientific discussions and be interested in developmental, neural or evolutionary topics or in developing novel transgenic tools in the red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum.

If you are interested please come along or contact me via e-mail with some words on why you chose our lab, what your preferred topics are, the techniques you are most interested in and the approximate starting time of your rotation/thesis.

Bachelor “Biology”

B.Bio.116 Wahlpflichtmodul "Allgemeine Entwicklungs- und Zellbiologie"
In diesem Praktikum beobachten wir die Entwicklung des Krallenfrosches Xenopus laevis und der Diptere Drosophila melanogaster. Außerdem vergleichen wir die Embryonalentwicklung der Fliege mit der des Reismehlkäfers. Wir analysieren zygotische und maternale Entwicklungsmutanten in Drosophila und wenden schließlich das binäre Expressionssystem an, um verschieden Organe anzufärben.

B.Bio.153.1: Vertiefungspraktikum (siehe oben)

B.Bio.190.2: Wissenschaftliches Projektmanagement

Thesis (siehe oben)

Master „Developmental, neural and behavioral biology“

M.Bio.301: Core modul "Developmental Biology of Invertebrates"
Rotations and thesis (see above)


GGNB methods course: Orthologs and Paralogs - how they evolve and how to distinguish them