The Division of Quality of Plant Products participated in teaching in the Bachelor and Master Degree Programme in Agricultural Sciences in the specialisations of plant production and agribusiness as well as in the PhD programme in Agricultural Sciences.

The following courses were offered in cooperation with lecturers of other divisions:

Bachelor's degree courses (all in German)
B.Agr.0002: Biology of plants
B.Agr.0334: Quality and post- harvest technology of plant products
B.Agr.0352: Exercises on quality of plant products
B.Agr.0319: Scientific work and professional presentation in plant production
B.Agr. 0384: Sensory research and sensory marketing

Master's degree courses
M.Agr.0025: Potato production (in German)
M.Agr.0064: Quality formation in plant products (in German)
M.Agr.0081: Processing of plant products (in German)
M.Agr.0035: Methodological work: Interdisciplinary Seminar (in German)
M.SIA.I06M: Exercise on the quality of tropical and subtropical products
M.Cp.0014: Plant Nutrition and Plant Health

PhD programme
PAG 0046: Special methods of quality assessment (German or English)
PAG 0071: Value-added chain and healthy food

Further information on the courses: see module catalogues of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.