In publica commoda

The foundation model

The main characteristics of the foundation model are:

  • Legal independance of the University vis-à-vis the state of Lower Saxony enabling the University to a more independant organisation.

  • With a view to the benefits of the new foundation tax law the Foundation University can provide for long-term foundation assets, whereas the revenues serve as a supplement to the state funds.

  • Both economic management and accounting of the Foundation confom to business principles; apart from some exceptions, the Lower Saxony Financial Regulation does not apply.

  • With the the function as both employer and employer with legal authority the Foundation can provide for a human resource management with foresight. The Presidential Board appoints the professors in agreement with the University Foundation Committee.

  • The University's property constituting its basic assets shall be managed efficiently without bureaucratic obstacles.

  • As an institution of civil society the foundation gives rise to a stronger identification of students, former students and employees with the Foundation University.

  • The members of the University Foundation Committee provide for a close intertwining of University and society.

The following graphic illustrates the model of a University with the legal status of a foundation under public law:


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