Curriculum Vitae

Tianyu Guo works as a scientific staff member at the chair of socio-ecological interactions in agricultural systems at the University of Göttingen since November 2018. He studied Sociology at China Agricultural University from September 2012 to June 2018 and got his Bachelor and Master degree in this field. He focused on social memory and solidarity of community, the crisis of indigenous knowledge under modernity and conflict of knowledge system in a traditional dryland terrace system.

Research Specialisations

The topic of his dissertation is about “Tradition, indigenous knowledge, identity and social memory: How can a human-shaped ecological system be sustainable through millennia?”. His research interests focus on oral history of peasant, narratives on Local Knowledge and Indigenous Knowledge, cultural identification of villagers and comparison analysis in traditional social-ecological systems.
His field work is primarily in the areas certificated by GIAHS (Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems) or CN-NIAHS (China Nationally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems). The core work about his study is searching the possibilities of preservation on sustainability and resilience in a traditional excellent agricultural ecosystem.


  • Guo, Tianyu (2017). Remodeling Local Knowledge: the Supplement, Substitution and Integration of Two Kinds of Knowledge within an Agricultural System. China Agricultural University Journal of Social Sciences Edition. 6:111-117

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