Travel and accommodation grants for conference participants

AtGender and FG Gender have reserved funds for travel and accommodation grants for conference participants. The amount of each grant is up to 250 EUR.

You can eligible for a grant if ...

  • You are a member of either AtGender or FG Gender
  • You have applied and been accepted to present at the conference (oral presentation or poster)
  • You are a student or currently unemployed/precariously employed academic
  • Your institution does not provide you with sufficient funding to participate in the 10th EFRC

  • Please apply by submitting a short motivation letter (up to 300 words) until February 12th in the abstract submission system here. Please note that the deadline for submission has ended.

    Due to the high number of travel grant applications to attend the 2018 10th European Feminist Research Conference, Atgender is asking for your help to increase the amount of available grants. You can make a donation via PayPal by clicking on the “donate” button in the homepage of Atgender (externer Link), or by sending an email to and ask for bank details. With your support, more people without financial capacity will be able to participate in the conference and present their research!

    Statement from 22.05.2018: ATGENDER has started a crowdfunding campaign to help fund the conference costs of students and scholars, working in precarious conditions. Click here to find the details of the campaign.

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